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Other Services

Just as blogs help with search engine optimisation, so do articles, press releases, case studies and newsletters.

Article Writing

As a professional website content writer I can ensure your business is accurately represented by writing articles, carefully key-worded and relevant.

Whether it is for a church newsletter, a corporate press pack or a national newspaper, I can write a feature article on any subject you can dream of - so why not contact me?

In business we love a good cliché to help us 'boost the bottom line', 'build our brand' and 'attract more visitors'. Customers won't 'know you from Adam' if you 'use the same old lines' as your competitors, so hire me. I'll give your site and publicity original text written in a tone that suits your company's personality. Good copy is concise, clever writing that makes a lasting impression.

Ghost Copy Writing

I can offer a ghost writing service where I will write the article or content for your website catching the reader’s attention but giving YOU the credit. Need I say more?!