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Press Releases and Case Studies

Press Releases

Press release writing is an art unto itself. There are rules and regulations that should be followed, or bent - or even broken to get your message across to the right people!

As a copywriter, I can write press releases which will help to promote your business or services, be it of something newsworthy, such as a new appointment or product that is due to be launched. In fact, a press release can be about anything you like.

For press releases to be successful, they must be informative, optimized for search engines and compelling - anything less and people are really wasting their time.

Please get in touch if you need further information on how Purple Bubble Writing can help you.

Case Study Copywriting

Case studies are powerful as they are one of the best ways to illustrate your capability. They:

  1. introduce the reader to your client (conveying credibility);
  2. step your reader through the challenges you overcame and the solution you implemented (conveying capability); and
  3. discuss the outcomes delivered by your solution (conveying benefits of engaging you).
    Of course, that’s all assuming they’re written well and structured properly!

Purple Bubble Writing believes there are two main ways to write a case study; you can either boast about your achievements and put off future customers OR you can it to explain how your customers benefited from your products and services – and show others how you can help them too.

Rest assured, when you ask Purple Bubble Writing to write a case study, I will talk about benefits to your customers, because a compelling case study will win you business!