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SEO Copywriting

Drive traffic AND sales

SEO copy tells the search engines what you do. Use a word or phrase a lot - and in particular places - and you're telling the search engines that's what your site is about. In other words, your SEO copywriting determines what search results your website will appear in.

Of course, a high ranking is just a means to an end. It's not enough just to get visitors to your site. You want to make them buy! So you need to be very careful not to sacrifice readability for SEO.

It's a delicate balance. I achieve this balance by writing copy for your visitors first and making sure your copy appeals to your reader’s interests. Only then do I begin to optimize for search engines.

This means my SEO copywriting appeals to both visitors and search engines.

Creating the right type of content is really about understanding your audience and how they wish to receive it. Where and when they might access it and, especially online, what they will do with it when they have it.

To achieve this, it pays to engage with Purple Bubble Writing who genuinely ‘gets’ the difference between talking and listening.

I specialise in creating content that works harder, growing businesses and gaining sales.

Ultimately, it’s what we all want to achieve and that’s what the driving force behind my content creation philosophy.